A successful site should be clean, easy to navigate and consistent to the owner’s vision and ideas. Durkan Group staff includes expertise in user interface design, graphics designers that are versed in Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks and various other programs for developing logos, graphics and interfaces. Take a look at our work to get a sense of our design capabilities.

We build websites you can manage

Content Management Systems for websites are something Durkan Group has been providing to our clients for over 15 years, long before WordPress and other open source platforms were available. We offer much more than plain content management; with a website from Durkan Group, you can log in to your “Admin Interface” that allows you to manage all content and settings. For example:

  • Static Pages – A successful site will allow you to easily change your own content without any intervention from a technical resource. It should also be easy to do. With a site from Durkan Group, you can manage content on your pages via a “rich text editor” which is very similar to Microsoft Word in terms of ease of use. You can format/manage content, add pictures, etc. From the same page you can manage Search Engine Optimization settings or we will be glad to take care of the settings for you.
  • Keywords & Settings – You can change any settings on your site that may not be related to content. For example, with a Durkan Group site you can manage all keywords that are used in fields for dropdown choices, checkboxes, fields, etc. You can also determine what emails receive notifications when a form is submitted on your site, menu categories, etc.
  • Managing Any Other Content – There are a number of different scenarios that require you to store your content in a specialized format. Examples include FAQ, News, Events/Calendar. Products, Job Postings, Profiles/Bios, Document Libraries, Case Studies. Whatever your need, we are used to handling custom requirements.

We know data, XML, database design, schemas, web services and APIs

Do you have custom requirements for your site? Do you need your data integrated with a web service? Do you need data from an external system integrated with your site? We know data, schemas, normalization, and building highly customized web-based sites and applications. We have experience both creating web services and APIs, as well as interfacing with them.

We know how to optimize websites for search engines and increase traffic.

Understanding web traffic is integral to your website’s success. You need to understand organic listings vs. sponsored listings.  You need to know how you can increase your likelihood of being listed in Google and other search engines for specific keywords. Are Adwords for you, how do they work? Durkan Group can also explain how blogs and listings in social networks can help your site’s presence and increase traffic on the web . Email newsletters, blogs, RSS feeds are all methods to increase your ranking with search engines and ultimately increase traffic and sales. It’s not complex, but it is involved. We can help and explain it in simple terms. 

We have the soft skills; our style is to educate our customers and prospects

Tech skills are wonderful, tech skills get the job done at the end of the day. While necessary, tech skills only follow the vision and direction of the site owners. Often the business owners lack technical knowledge. Durkan Group educates, explains what can be done, in what time frames, and what the cost will be – because we have the experience. We are business savvy. We build web sites and applications for various companies in various industries. 

Durkan Group’s approach is straightforward. During a short conversation, you will learn a lot about the web and all the components listed above. That’s the Durkan Group approach – we believe in sharing our knowledge and educating our clients. In our initial conversation, we provide you with a general assessment. When you speak with a Durkan Group representative you will speak with someone who can assess general time frames, cost, and more importantly, advise you regarding what is the most practical approach for your project.

We listen to our clients, we respect their expertise and ideas

Some design/development firms have the “we know better then you, we will handle it” approach. Durkan Group respects and appreciates our clients’ individual expertise.  While we will express our views, we always listen to you! However, we are not business consultants. We want to partner with companies who have goals and objectives for their web site or application.

Lets talk about your website initiatives

Do you have some ideas for your website? We will work with you to accomplish your goals and make your website a success. We have broad-spectrum skills not niche-oriented skills; each team member of Durkan Group contributes to your project in a way that is outside of their box .  We create powerful, business-generating web sites to help your company grow!


Custom Design
CMS Systems such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento & more
Custom Applications using PHP & Ruby on Rails
Data Integration
XML, Web Services & APIs
Intranets, Extranets, Portals
Document Management
Quoting Applications